Hello and Welcome to the Mindfully Balanced Pilates Blog! My name is Becca Klippenes and I’m a Balanced Body Pilates Instructor, Weight Watcher Member and proud Rescue Pup Owner. My goal at Mindfully Balanced Pilates is to empower others to become the healthiest version of themselves.

My journey towards finding my healthiest self began 12 years ago when I stepped into my first Pilates workout. No, I did not go willingly. You heard that correctly, I had no intention of working out. Ever. I had battled a lifetime of obesity, life threatening illness, and food allergies. Movement and exercise in any form had always been difficult for me. As a child, my gross motor skills (Def. from Encyclopedia.com: the abilities required to control the large muscles of the body for activities such as walking, running, crawling, etc.) were so underdeveloped, I didn’t learn how to hop or skip until I was 5 years old. And those skills came with lots of practice. To say I had learned to never trust my body was an understatement. When my sister Lindsey, and my first Pilates Instructor, Gloria Reyes, conned me into trying my first Pilates session  at 24 years of age, I was beyond skeptical. How could a lifetime struggler with obesity and an aversion to fitness ever be successful at Pilates? Wasn’t Pilates for skinny people and dancers? I was soooo wrong. Pilates is for EVERYONE! Gloria and Lindsey showed me that no matter what state my body, mind and heart were in, I could do Pilates. With time, patience and practice, I learned that my body was strong. I found the principles of Pilates to be liberating. Pilates taught me to see my body’s strengths and weaknesses. I learned to take pride in my strengths, and not be ashamed of my weaknesses. I learned to make adjustments to my workouts while I was developing my strength, and challenge myself in areas I was already successful. Most importantly, it taught me to change the way I thought about my body and myself.

Becca Klippenes – Owner/PIlates Instructor

Today, I can proudly say my I trust in, and appreciate my body, it’s strengths, and how it carries me through this world. My journey through life will always contain a fight against obesity, but that’s why I have my Weight Watchers Community. My tribe of people that live the same healthy minded journey that I live. I’m not perfect, but I am strong. Join me on this adventure towards developing a healthy body, mind and soul!

6 thoughts on “Welcome to Mindfully Balanced Pilates!”

  1. I love your post Becca! Brought tears to my eyes and makes me feel so proud of you, all over again! Love you, mom

  2. You inspire me to be a better me. You’re sweet soul and positive energy will take you far in your journey.

  3. I’ve taken some Pilates mat classes from Becca. She is amazing and I look forward to learning from her on the reformer!

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